Monday, March 12, 2012

9 Months Old!

It's amazing how much Hannah has grown in the last month. She's on the verge of crawling and is getting so mobile. Now that she rolls with ease and transfers from sitting to laying down she can get to anything. She shows her excitement by clapping, smiling, giggling, and even talking. Her favorite word is "Heyyy!" She can also say, "up" and "mama." It's clear that she understands a lot of the words I use regularly, too. Since she hears "all gone" at the end of each meal, she beams with pride and sometimes even claps.

Hannah was a little trooper for the longest drive we've taken yet. We traveled 17 hours down the coast with many stops over the course of a few days. Now that we're enjoying some fun in the sun and nice weather we can spend more time outside. The place where I notice how much she's growing is always the playground. Each time we go she develops an interest in a new activity. First she liked to swing, now she's interacting with other kids and balancing while I hold her on the climbing toys. It's only a matter of time before she swings along the monkey bars!

For now, there is so much for her to discover and explore, but it's all happening so quickly. It seems like every day she rolls a little further or pulls herself up a little higher. I can't wait to share in her excitement and enthusiasm for learning about the world around her as she continues to grow into a sweet little girl.