Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby's Got Bling

We did it! Hannah's ears are now pierced :) Doesn't she look so cute?

She is rocking her birthstone, Alexandrite, which is a cute pink gem. My ears were pierced with Ruby Red Garnets, so I thought it would be a fun way to continue the tradition. Of course, her Dad wanted to get her diamonds since he's crazy, but he came around when I showed him that I only had one of my first earrings left of the pair. And that's perfectly OK since they are the cheapies! On the rack, the stones looked so small, but they brighten up her tiny ears perfectly.

How'd it go? Not too bad. Yes, there were tears, but I snuck in the back area to nurse her right away and she was all better. She even came back out and smiled at the sales girls without holding a grudge. Now that was something they're not used to! Before the piercing, I learned that it's a good idea to sit baby all the way back in your lap to help her stay still. I also took a minute to tell her that she was going to feel a pinch, but Mama would make it all better after. Sure, she may be too young to understand, but in the possibility that she's not I wanted to give her fair warning just like at the Ped's office.

They called an extra person over to steady her head once the dots marked the spot to make sure she wouldn't turn her head and tear. Luckily it was over very quickly and we got right back to soothing. She only squeaked once later in the day when her ear touched her toy.

To be honest, I was most nervous about how the rest of the day would progress because I remember my ears being so sore from my second holes. Either this little girl is a champ or they didn't bug her at all because she didn't even stir when I cleaned them out before bedtime. I took the extra precaution of pulling her onesie down over her body instead of going near the ears. (Did you know they can do that?? I just learned recently that it's a great way to get off soiled clothes.) We did it on an off-night for baths, too. Now we just keep them clean for the next 6 weeks and enjoy the new sparkle!


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  2. SO cute! I want to get Olivia's ears pierced, where did you go?

  3. I REALLY want to get Kaylee'e ears pierced too, but everytime I think about going I chicken out. I am so nervous she is going to freak out or I pull on them afterwards and get them infected. I need to just go an do it, because it looks so cute on Miss Hannah :)

  4. We just went to Piercing Pagoda at the mall. I thought about asking her pediatrician, but he's a little cross eyed (lol!) I asked the girl which earrings she recommended for babies and she was knowledgeable and friendly with Hannah so I went for it! Her Dad knew I was getting it done, but he didn't want to come because he can't stand to see her poked. Such a softie!

  5. I was a freshman in college before I ever had my ears pierced. I kind of wish I had been a baby and wouldn't have remembered it. Way to go Hannah! sounds like she did better than I did!