Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Laundry Break

I have been feverishly doing laundry nearly every day since Hannah was born. This is just something that comes with the baby territory and cloth diapering. Because of this, I had only one Christmas wish and it came true two weeks early! Thanks to my most recent Black Friday score of 6 diapers and Hannah's new ability to hold her bladder for more than 15 minutes, I can get through a day with no laundry!

Now we can just sit back on easy street and cloth diaper with the assurance that we have enough fluff. What's in the stash? I use two BumGenius Elementals, nineteen GroVia AIOs, and 6 Fuzzibunz onesize pockets for nighttime (with hemp doublers.) I also have 6 prefolds and one Flip cover in case we really get low in the stash. It's comforting to think that for the next two years, I don't have to buy a single diaper unless I want to... or if they release something too cute to resist! Did I mention we use cloth wipes so I don't have to buy those either?

I wanted to celebrate today by not even looking at the washing machine, but there were some towels in there from last night that needed to be dried of course. At least that was a quick swap and now I can take some extra time to relax! Lots of people talk about enjoying the simple pleasures that come with Cloth Diapers- and this is one of those moments. If you ask me, it's a true Christmas miracle!

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