Tuesday, December 20, 2011

27 Weeks Old

Little Hannah has come a long way in the last 1/2 year. She's grown by leaps and bounds, developed mentally, and strengthened the use of her baby body. She shows her awareness of herself and the world by putting everything into her mouth as all babies do. Her curious eyes take in the surroundings everywhere we go and she listens inquisitively as I talk and read to her. With all these big changes, it's exciting to think that the next steps in Hannah's growth will be even bigger.

She hit her six month growth spurt this week, which meant NO sleep for Mama! It's funny that prior to her birth everyone thought Zac would handle the late nights, but that night owl has changed his tune. My friend couldn't help but notice that the part I laughed at loudest in Motherhood the Musical was the Mom's operatic lament that Daddy always sleeps on the couch and she knows he's pretending!

So, after two sleepless nights I spent the next day feeding Hannah nearly every hour and a half. Last night offered a little better sleep, and I'm hopeful we'll get back on track. During growth spurts I tend to revert back to some "attachment parenting" techniques. I "wear" her in a sling as often as she lets me. We'll take a nice long nap together and I'll feed her at the beginning, middle, and end. After all, the more she eats during the day, the less she'll ask for at night. But, I can certainly lament with other Moms who feel like a human pacifier during these growth spurts!

With only a week left before Christmas we are ready! We've almost got everything we need for our puppy. I just have to pick up dog food and then I can spend the rest of the week mentally preparing for a dog in the house! Luckily, I got to sit for a very sweet Bernese Mountain dog last weekend who reminded me how nice it is to have a furry friend around!

Blast from the (recent) past:

Hannah pictured at 5 weeks and 27 weeks. We had these pj's in two sizes. Her Dad called them "Hippy" pjs the first time she wore them.

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