Tuesday, December 27, 2011

28 Weeks Old!

I have been in a post-Christmas coma for two days and all I can says is, "Whew!" Selecting the perfect gifts, eating delicious food, visiting friends and family, and taking lots of photos have all taken their toll on me. Sweet little Hannah had a wonderful day! I'm delighted that we have lots of new books on the shelf to enjoy in the coming months. Although memorizing the books makes it easier to continue the story while she eats the pages, a little variety is welcome.

A few weeks ago, the pediatrician gave me false hope (again) that upping the amount of food Hannah eats during the day would help her sleep through the night. This little girl rarely leaves a drop of food behind and she still wakes up a few times for milk. It is taking a toll on me finally. I used to be able to make it on just one quick morning nap a few times a week, but now I nap whenever she does. Unfortunately this is cutting down my blogging time! Fingers crossed that the little one will make it through one of these nights in the (very) near future. Until then, I am fully becoming a zombiemom.

Speaking of things that keep me up at night, our new puppy is actually pretty good. He tends to wake up when Hannah does, so at least there aren't any additional night rousings in the house. All in all, he's a nice little pup and we're happy to have him home.


  1. I have officially turned into a zombiemom too.. I will keep my fingers crossed Kaylee and Hannah both start sleeping better soon!

  2. Love that pink tutu on Hannah!! Glad you all had a very merry Christmas. :)