Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Weeks Old!

Hannah is racing towards the six month mark! She is growing and developing so quickly now, it seems like each week she learns new skills. This past week I heard a few new sounds, (L's and M's), so hopefully she'll be saying "Mama" in no time. She also started waving! I love that she is exploring new movements with her body. It's fun to watch her twist and wiggle and delight herself by finding something new (like a foot!) She wears her Trumpette socks nearly every day and enjoys eating the bows on her toes. It's especially easy for her to find them during diaper changes, which makes her smile :)

Last week she rolled over a lot. She also wiggles herself around when she's on her play mat to get to all the different sides. Because she's so much more alert and active, she's overstimulating herself easier these days, but we're figuring out some good ways to keep that from happening. I'll be posting a blog later this week about the activities we're doing so that she can learn and play throughout the day.

Hannah says hello to her friends and family!


  1. So sweet! They are growing so fast! Lillian is already crawling and pulling herself up on things! Agh! Look out world! Layla is finally to the toy age where everything comes with small parts and Lillian is at the age where everything goes in her mouth. Not a good match. But we are finding our way :-) glad to see baby Hannah growing well...and happy :-)

  2. she is so beautiful! love her rosy red cheeks. Can't wait to meet her :-)