Saturday, December 10, 2011

6 Months Old!

Hannah just turned 1/2 and life is good! It's funny to think how much things have changed in the past month; let alone three months, six months, or the last year. Now that Hannah and I have a pretty regular schedule down, our daily life seems perfectly normal, as though we've done it forever. I have a feeling that although I will love Hannah more and more as she grows, I'll always look at this last month as the "Golden Age." With the exception of sleeping through the night, she is an absolute dream.

It's funny, because I spend a lot of time thinking about what I might have done differently now that I'm an experienced parent. Although, part of me wonders if she is the way she is as an accumulation of everything we've done to raise her. I suppose every parent is destined to question the way they raise their child at some point and I'm no different. I'd love to go back in time to whisper tips to help get through the sleepless nights, or to demonstrate the easiest way to make baby food, or to suggest rinsing Hannah's new diapers a few extra times to boost the absorbency. As a whole, though, I'm very happy with the way I've cared for Hannah and her confident and trusting smile lets me know that she's happy with it, too.

I'm so excited for the next six months with Hannah. Watching her learn and explore brightens my day beyond explanation. I gain as much of a thrill as she does from rolling on the floor, singing songs, reading stories, and playing games. It might be her overzealous smile and contagious laugh that motivates me, but I think I'm just a kid at heart and I've finally found someone to tag along as I live through the childhood I always dreamed of.

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