Friday, December 16, 2011

First Christmas

Not only is this Hannah's first Christmas, but it's also my first Christmas being a conscious and green consumer. If you read my post about being a grinch, you know that I had a lot to make up for this year! In order to keep my husband happy, I had to make sure that our tree was stocked with gifts for him and baby Hannah and release the tight reigns on his budget so that he could delight in buying gifts as well. Overall, I've got a way to go to "green" my holiday habits for next year. To make up for that, I'm planning to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales to buy fabric so that I'll be able to make reusable gift bags. I also need to find a good space in my home to start keeping a reserve of household materials (such as empty spaghetti jars) so that Hannah and I will have fun items for crafting next year.

I can't tell you what I got Zac until after Christmas on the off chance that he reads this blog. (Except he accidentally opened his growler cover so that's no secret.) But, I can tell you what I got Hannah so that you will understand how excited I am for Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, she'll get an ornament and a set of Trumpette Socks. These will be traditional gifts for every year.

In big news, Hannah is getting a pony! 

This was one of Target's Daily Deals and I couldn't pass it up. I can't wait to get a picture of her on it next to the tree. I also split my clothing purchases between Baby Gap and Positively Organic so that she'll have a few new outfits for the rest of the winter and early spring. We got her some books and I ordered a Sound Bird from Mama May I. I'm looking forward to telling you more about this shop and letting you know how Hannah enjoys the toy after we receive it. Last, but not least, I bought 6 new diapers on Black Friday to take advantage of the sales. Technically they could be a Christmas gift because they are so cute with owl and farm patterns, but I wanted to get them into the rotation right away to ease my laundry time.

I think Hannah is going to be a delightful little gift recipient on the big day and I'm looking forward to taking too many pictures and videos so that she can have a special keepsake from her first Christmas.

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