Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Sympathize with the Grinch

If anyone has ever wondered what Christmas was like for the Grinch the year after he carved the roast beast for the first time, the answer is that he had an awesome time rockin' around the Christmas tree with Max the dog and Cindy Lou Who. I'll admit it, I can relate to the Grinch because I was one, too. My husband nicknamed me a grinch for my miserly ways and lack of enthusiasm for "kitschy christmas crap" (as I call it.) To be fair, I think I got a little bummed by having too many families to be able to have solid Christmas traditions or even see them all on the special day. So, I shut down a little and didn't get into the spirit very well. A few years ago,  my husband took on the role of Max in my life and tirelessly attempted to create a Holiday wonderland in our home. He single-handedly hauled loads of stuff to decorate, perfected his own seasonal drink recipes, battled a pine-induced rash, and pinched pennies at my request for a limited budget. Are you picturing Max hauling the load of stolen goods up the hill? I think he stuck with the Grinch all along because he knew there was hope... albeit small.

My low Christmas point came last year when I was literally green and grinchy with morning sickness. We flew cross country to visit the in laws, but I spent nearly the entire trip in bed. Although they were wonderfully hospitable for my delicate condition, I could have happily sat out Christmas at the top of a mountain plotting to steal all the kid's toys. After all, kids cause morning sickness!

Ahh, but along came Hannah Lou Who with her wide eyes and spiky black hair and a smile that could melt the abominable snowman! My heart literally grew three sizes. Firstly because she's adorable and innocent and secondly because I get the "mommy high" of dopamine from nursing.

This year, it's like celebrating my first Christmas. I was so excited I organized our Christmas photo session in October. I sewed her a Christmas dress and am getting ready to make another because I enjoyed it so much. I bought and hung a new set of ornaments for the whole family. We splurged on decor and I even pleaded to get a real tree. The house is filled with seasonal scents and sights.

We don't need to go overboard on presents because we built our Christmas Wonderland. Sharing the time with family, spreading beauty and holiday cheer, and bringing a little Christmas magic to the house is  what we consider the reason for the season. By taking the time to make everything nicer, it's easier to believe that good things can just happen around this time of year.

I'd love to hear about your favorite holiday memories or traditions in the comments! Also, glad tidings to all those who don't celebrate Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful and peaceful winter.


  1. I love your decoratinos! SO pretty! We just put up our holiday decor this past weekend, I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty excited! :)

  2. Thanks Megan! The inspiration credit all goes to my husband, I just find the deals :)