Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zulilly Sales

I am IN LOVE with Trumpette socks. They are so cute and they fit really well. Hannah wears them every day and loves to tug on the little bows on the toes :) They are an eco friendly company and they make fantastic decisions on the materials used for their items.

Today they're on sale on Zulilly. Click here to join for the sale.

Baby Agoo leggings are also on sale. These are nifty since baby can wear them instead of pants to make for easy diaper changes. Plus, they stretch and fit from 6-24 months.

 My favorite compliment to date on these socks was, "Whoa, those are like high heels for babies!"

*They take a while to ship, so make sure you order ASAP if you want them for holiday gifts!

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