Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Flight for Baby Hannah

I haven't had a pleasant flight in over a year, so I was very nervous the trend would continue for Hannah's first flight. Even with morning sickness last year, I remember thinking it would still be easier than flying with an infant. Happily that isn't the case at all! Hannah slept soundly in my arms and I can't think of a better travel companion.

We got to the airport plenty early so that there was no rush. The extra time allowed me to change her diaper before getting in line to keep her content. I have a bag hook on the stroller that I love using because it makes it easier to access the bag and keeps the basin empty so that it's simple to fold the stroller. (A must for sailing through the security checkpoint and boarding!)

I wrestled with the decision to take the stroller in the first place, but I'm happy I did! I had a chance to grab a bite while she sat in her carrier and I haven't had to haul around the stuffed diaper bag. Speaking of diapers, you're probably wondering how that's going to work on this trip- right?

We're using G Diapers, a hybrid system. There are two parts; a flushable insert and a reusable, washable cover. The G's are chemical free and compostable so they're better than standard disposables. However, they generally cost more. I try to avoid things that are Eco friendly and not economical, but I found a half-off offer online, bringing the cost for the inserts down to $7/40. All the covers can also be used with cloth inserts*, so even at $9 each (also half off) they are a justified expense. Plus, the pink garden Gpant may just be her cutest diaper to date!

Our diaper bag has a handy clip-off pack that was ready for an inflight change. It holds 5 inserts, a pack of wipes, spare cover, changing pad, and a small wet bag.

The midday flight allowed Hannah to keep her regular schedule without interruptions. She nursed shortly after boarding, took a break to look out the window, and then finished during take off. We played a little, then she laid down for a snooze in my arms. There were extra seats on the flight so I was able to bring the carrier and let her sleep next to me part of the way, too. I realized too late that I should have warned the person in front that she wouldn't be able to recline with the carrier. At least I'll know that next time.

I think new parent apprehension could have made the flight really difficult. The best thing about having a regular schedule for Hannah is that I didn't have to misinterpret any cries as distress from the new experience. I just responded to her needs at familiar times and she didn't mind the change in scenery at all.

She endeared the surrounding passengers. A few commented that she was such a good baby and I have to agree. The grandmother in the seat next to us told me to have five more. It's crazy, but it doesn't sound like a bad idea!

*If you're thinking of trying Gcloth, think again. Even after just a few wears it irritated Hannah so I would recommend a prefold or flat from a different brand instead.

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  1. Glad the flight went well! I have been so nervous about flying with Kaylee for the first time, so it's nice to hear that it worked out well for you!