Sunday, November 27, 2011

24 Weeks Old

I have a feeling Hannah will be keeping me on my toes this week. She had been testing the waters by rolling side to side, but she rarely made it all the way over. Yesterday she rolled over several times from front to back and she has been rocking and rolling all day today! Sometimes she's pleased with herself and the newfound viewpoint, but generally belly time causes her to erupt into baby dragon shrieks. You'd never know she had it in her to belt when she's out and about because she will sit calmly in her chair with a delighted smile any time.

It's clear that these new skills are tiring her out. The minute I sit down with her cradled in my arms her eyes shut. She's still a little stuffy from her cold, so she's making these cute little garbled snort noises. I can tell she's so excited to play, but we need to keep a handle on it all because she is getting overwhelmed. One thing she is really enjoying is her new "magic trick." She can pass a toy from one hand to the other! You should hear the excited squeals while she does this. I wouldn't have thought much of this, but The Bump called it out and I can tell she's really enjoying it, so I guess it's a Big Baby Deal.

With all these new skills, I'm starting to feel like I have a mobile baby. Gone are the days of turning my back to throw in a load of laundry. I knew that the last few weeks were wonderful and I had a feeling this time would pass quickly into the next stage, so I'm glad I took notes about how sweet it all was :)

 Happy Holidays Everyone!

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