Monday, November 28, 2011

Miss Movember

The judges have spoken! Last night, Hannah was crowned "Miss Movember" at Victory Brewing Company. The brewery hosted Mustache Monday to showcase all the mustaches men grew to bring awareness to men's health. Each contestant took the time to share why the cause inspired their grooming and to showcase his 'stache. We donated a dollar so that Hannah could have a mustache for her pacifier and she won the competition!

I was heartened by the candid stories the men told about family members affected by prostate and testicular cancer. It's not easy to talk about that in front of a large group, but they all explained the devotion and strength it takes to grow a mustache for a month for a worthwhile cause. We heard that a single guy persevered attempting to meet women behind the caterpillar and a married man triumphed even after his wife originally threatened to withhold... ahem... something he very much enjoyed. Even my husband was overly excited to finally have an excuse to rock a mustache in public. Seriously, that man spends more time in the bathroom shaving his face into different beard patterns than a barber.

As if we didn't already have enough great things to say about Victory, this will be an awesome story to tell Hannah when she's older.

 Hannah and Mama Rocking Muzzies for Movember.

 Dada's 'Stache is "Au Naturel"

Miss Movember wearing her sash

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