Sunday, November 13, 2011

22 Weeks Old!

Hannah is in the middle of a growth spurt and is constantly hungry right now. At first I thought she was going through another sleepless phase, but her cues that she's hungry have been strong during the day, too. I was going to try feeding her an extra meal of solids in the afternoon and instead settled on figuring out ways to increase my milk supply. I've been pumping between meals in the morning, eating oatmeal, drinking TONS of water and clustering Hannah's feeds at the end of the day. We also took an extra long nap together so that she could have some sleepy meals. Both of us woke up with lots of energy and had a great afternoon together!

At five months old, she is much more observant of the world and interacts by putting everything into her mouth. She can pull her toys toward her with her whole hand and is starting to develop the pincher grasp using her fingers. I love that she puts her legs into the air and rocks back and forth. This is called "Happy Baby" pose in yoga, and it's easy to see why! We can even play "airplane" with her now because she can hold her head and legs. Belly time is a blast! She's talkative and playful. Her smiles are captivating and her eyes are bright. Everywhere she goes, she draws a crowd of admirers. They love her hair, her smiles, and especially her socks. Hannah rocks Trumpette shoe socks with bows and everyone loves them. 

We spent most of the week getting back into the swing of things. Unpacking was almost as complicated as packing since she grew out of more clothes that needed to be stored! Hannah is growing so quickly in so many ways. She's sharpening her skills using her hands and feet. We play peakaboo a lot and I regularly find her pulling her blanket over her face when she wakes herself up. I think she is playing peakaboo without me!

Hannah is sporting an adorable hat my Aunt Trina made her!

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