Sunday, November 6, 2011

21 Weeks Old!

I'm celebrating Hannah's 21st Week with a beer. I need it and my Aunt says one beer is good for my milk supply anyway. This 25 hour day has been one of the longest since Hannah was born. It started yesterday with a too-long nap in the afternoon. This led to delayed naps and meals for the rest of the night and a late bedtime. Fast forward to 4 am and Hannah was ready to wake up.

At this point utter confusion ensued because she woke an hour earlier than usual, plus daylight savings added an extra hour to dawn. I spent the day trying to figure out when she might like to eat and what time she thought it was for her nap. I'm pretty sure I didn't get a single time right. See, the difficult thing about falling behind is that you're late to meet baby's needs and that rarely goes over well.

Even though it was a hard day, I'm glad to have a baby like Hannah. She helped get me back on track for her needs by voicing her opinion. Plus, she really is a dream when she gets good naps. It's funny how having children can turn your life upside down. For the first time since I can remember, I'm looking forward to losing an hour in the spring. I've had plenty of practice losing sleep, so I'll be a seasoned pro by the time the clocks roll again.

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