Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Hannah and I had a wonderful vacation visiting family last week. We were in town to celebrate my Grandma's 94th birthday! I was so impressed at the impact having a baby around my Grandmother made since she has an advanced case of Alzheimer's. She asked questions about Baby Hannah, smiled with her, and answered our questions about her own babies. I really treasured the time with her being so present and am happy that she enjoyed seeing her 12th Great Grandbaby.

We stayed with my Aunt Jeannette and got to visit with a lot of our family. I've always enjoyed spending time with my namesake. She is like a mother to so many people (including myself) that I value the chance to learn from her. It would be hard to call her a "Stay at Home Mom," because she rarely spends a day at home. In fact, when I used to stay with her during the summers in my younger days, we called it Camp! Her home is always a home to more kids than her own. She reaches out to others through volunteer work in the community and at her church. Nearly every day, she visits her Mother to keep her company with her sisters, brothers, and in-laws. Most notably, she has a generous nature, especially with kids.

Now, more than ever, I think to myself "What would Aunt Jeannette do?" as I raise my own baby. I'm so appreciative to have her in my life and hope that I can take what I've learned from her and pay it forward to the next generation. I know that if I do I will have a fulfilling life, rich in love.

I love you Aunt J!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to a seemingly beautiful woman. You are truly lucky to have such a wonderful role model in your life. And it sounds like you are taking her lessons and applying them to your life already with Hannah. Compassion. Generosity. Humility. and above all, Love. Keep spreading the Love, Jeannette. Maybe if we all do a little more of that, we can change the world :)