Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fitness at Home

Which is heavier... a seven pound newborn or a fifteen pound infant? It's a trick question, and it depends on the Mama. For many mothers, carrying a new baby 24/7 can be a huge strain. To help prepare for baby, it's a good idea to do pregnancy-safe exercises with weights in the second and third trimesters. Lindsay Brin has a great series of fitness videos for mothers in every stage. If your physician clears you for exercise, I highly recommend walking as much as possible and following the Moms Into Fitness prenatal DVD series at least three times per week.

Lindsay is an enthusiastic fitness expert with three kids of her own. She'll coax you through the workouts with inspiration about your baby. There is a cardio and toning segment or a yoga routine for each trimester. You will need two sets of weights in the 2-8 pound range depending on your pre-pregnancy fitness level. Post-pregnancy, Lindsay kicks up the challenge with the Moms Into Fitness Bootcamp. This DVD is awesome because it allows you to customize different mini-clips so your workout can always change. You'll tone in different ways each week so you won't get bored with your workout.

Working out at home has many benefits. It's much cheaper and more convenient than the gym, plus you don't need to worry about child care. When you're pregnant, your baby needs you to exercise, particularly in the second and third trimesters. After you've recovered from the birth, you need strong muscles to carry around the baby and all her gear! By the time she's a toddler, you'll want to run around with her. There are a million reasons why working out will improve your life, but the most important reason to work out is for your children. Set a positive example and be the energetic and strong Mom kids will choose to look up to!

You can buy these DVDs and your weights on Amazon or at some Target stores.

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