Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Cleaning, Less Blogging

Ok, my husband called me out on the whole cleaning thing... I'm not doing a bad job, but he thinks the house should be kept to a military standard of clean. The thing is, I really only blog when Hannah is napping because she's not a very sound sleeper. It gives me something to do that doesn't make a lot of noise. The issue has never been that I've blogged away all my time, it's that LO wakes up to the sound of a pin and my cleaning time goes out the window! Fear not, dear readers, I'm still going to blog.

Now, I've got a new plan. Hannah is cleaning with me! She hangs out in my Baby K'tan carrier and gets to look around while I spruce up. Here's another scenario where this whole "going green" thing is working out better than I could have planned. My cleaning supplies have no toxic fumes, so they are perfectly safe for her to be around. Not only that, I can clean surfaces like her high chair without worrying about her ingesting chemicals.

How do my new Get Clean supplies stack up?  Healthy for family: Check! Saving money: Check, Check! Environmentally responsible: Check, Check, Check!! They're even saving me time because I don't have to shop or cut coupons for cleaning supplies. Honestly, it seemed like I had stumbled upon the greatest secret of all time when I met the local rep at an Air Show (of all places.) Then, I found out I won the prize pack and I felt like I won the lottery!

If you're still stashing bottles of Windex and 409 under your sink, check this stuff out. One 16 Oz bottle of super-concentrated cleaning solution can last for years. You add a 1/4 teaspoon to a whole bottle of water to make your 409 and ONE DROP to make your Windex. You'll even waste less paper towels because you use microfiber cloths instead. It came with a poster-sized list of all the stuff it can clean.

I'm not getting paid to promote this product, but it's awesome so I wanted to tell you about it. Oprah likes it, too. When I asked the rep how she makes money if the stuff lasts forever she said, "Well, you don't really." Now that's truth in marketing.


  1. Babywearing while cleaning is perfect! My now toddler used to hang out in my sling or my TMD carrier while I cleaned. Now that he's older he has a few child-size supplies of his own and likes to help.

  2. Great idea- will definitely keep that in mind!

  3. A lot of times when I am cleaning I put Kaylee in her bouncy seat and just carry tat around the house with me. She will sit in that thing just playing with her toys for awhile so it makes it easy to get stuff done.