Monday, October 17, 2011

18 Weeks Old

What a big, important week it's been in the life of Baby Hannah! It was a sleepless one because she went through a growth spurt, both mentally and physically. She quickly progressed to grabbing toys and making playful loud sounds. It's so funny to hear her squeal with delight. We even got to take her to her first mini beer fest. She napped for the first part, then danced with Mama and Dada to our song "Wagon Wheel," and spent the rest of the time observing and taking in all the sights. It must have been a pretty interesting place with all the brightly colored cases.

We visited the pediatrician and found out she has more than doubled her weight to 12'14" and she's two feet tall. She's a perfect little peanut with chunky thighs like her Dad. We got the go-ahead to try some foods and she had a few "meals" this weekend. Poor baby had to get her shots at the checkup, but I nursed her right away this time so it went much better than before. She let me hear her pain cry about once every 8 hours after that although she calmed easily with some baby Tylenol and a lullabye.

I finally got in Mom Time on Thursday and I am so happy I did that! My massage certificate has gone unused since I initially scheduled a maternity massage for June 12. Hannah's birthday took priority over that one ;) My therapist was terrific- she was enthusiastic about finding out about mommyhood from me and she helped me relax so much. Getting the massage for myself reminded me that it's a terrific way to be soothed. Every once in a while I do a little baby massage for Hannah and I kept thinking how nice it must be for her!

Here's a little video clip from this morning:

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