Sunday, October 23, 2011

19 Weeks Old

After a full week of eating food, Hannah is really catching on! She can mow through a whole baby serving of avocados and is quite the enthusiastic little eater. In just the past week she has begun using those hands she recently discovered to hold onto things. She can grasp a toy and bring it to her mouth. We're doing tummy time more, but she still doesn't roll over independently. She's more playful with her new belly mat because it has crinkly toys for her to grab.

She loves to hear her voice and see her reflection. She talks to herself, she squeals, and she mumbles to us. It is so cute! Her Dada is getting used to carrying her in his new Baby Bjorn. It was an anniversary gift from us (Cotton- perfect!) We took her on a walk through the neighborhood and she smiled practically the whole time. I didn't know how she would react to the colder weather because she has been very vocal about her temperature preferences in the house. Maybe she loves the outdoors so much that she doesn't care if it's chilly- just like her Dada.

We're starting to experience a little taste of baby "Happy Hour" again. A few months ago she was often inconsolable during those hours, but she has been doing much better with a schedule and routine. Now she takes a catnap between 5 and 6 and hangs out in her bouncy chair while I cook dinner. If she doesn't like that, we take her outside for a little while and that seems to do the trick for now.

This week, she is meeting her Great Grandpa! He is so excited to finally get to see her as she is his first Great Grandbaby. We're going to try pears and butternut squash next. We're going to spend some time at the library, too. She loves looking at the rows of books while she stands on my lap. I'm looking forward to spending more and more time introducing her to the wonderful books she can read.

It has finally happened... Hannah's spikes are starting to lean over. Funny story about her little sweet pea shirt:

My cousin came to visit and took Hannah shopping a month ago.  When we brought the outfits home to show Zac, he exclaimed, "Look at the little Sweet Pea-ness." Not the right time to add 'ness' to a statement to make it cuter.

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