Friday, October 14, 2011

Cloth Diapers: The Gateway Drug

Initially, hearing about cloth diapers triggered visions of the unhealthy babies in Angela's Ashes. However, learning that I could save up to $2000 for each baby piqued my interest enough to overcome that fear. It took about 4 minutes to figure out that it was something I actually wanted to do. Cloth diapers are healthy for the baby and super cute! After 4 months, I finally have them figured out and they are working well for Hannah. A lot of Moms find that cloth diapers are an addiction. It's fun to shop for them and you always have an excuse that you are already saving money, so why not buy more fluff? I was about to head down that slippery slope, too but I'm finally set with my stash and am now focused on what other ways I can find to save.

I'm embarrassed to even say how clueless I was about the world of reusable items. Don't ask me what I thought people did before disposable diapers, paper towels, or zip lock bags. I honestly don't think I could have figured out that other options existed for a modern family. Plus, it was always cost prohibitive for me to consider any sustainable options for the long term when I was living on a tight budget.

I'm saving a lot by making Hannah's Baby food, swapping from Zip Locks to glass pyrex containers, and keeping a filled Nalgene ready-to-go in the fridge. I've also made a huge change to the cleaning supplies I use because I won an awesome set of Get Clean products when we were at the Helicopter Air Show last month! I'll be writing about that soon.

Curious about cloth? Ask me a question in the comments or click the link below to purchase. I'll get some how-to posts up soon also!

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  1. I'm a cloth diaper mama too. I've saved lots of money... especially since I'm now using them on my second child.

    I also made my own baby food. I loved knowing that the food was 100% pure and made with love by mama!