Sunday, October 9, 2011

17 Weeks Old

This week Hannah will be 4 months old! It is hard to believe how quickly she has grown into a delightful and playful little baby. She has an engaging smile, a sweet voice, and impressive baby strength. She easily brings her hands to her mouth and seems interested in grabbing toys, but hasn't quite mastered that yet. Holding her head up is no sweat and she really enjoys standing with support.

It's so nice understanding her needs and watching how she expresses them. Our days are much simpler now that we can just go with the flow. I partially follow her cues and keep an eye on the clock to help figure them out. This weekend we spent quite a bit of time out of the house and enjoyed bringing Hannah along with us. She was a real trooper! Here she is with her Dada enjoying the football game. He's so impressed that she just takes in all the sights while we're out and barely fusses. When she does start to chirp, it's easy to tell what she needs and fix the baby issue. It's amazing that she can sleep through a football game at the bar, but wakes up to every little click in the house when it's bedtime.

We're heading to the pediatrician this week and I'm excited to find out if she is ready to start eating food! I learned a bunch of ways to make her meals an enjoyable experience for the whole family from the Baby Whisperer and I can't wait to start giving her some tasty treats.

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