Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who's that Ladybug crawling on the floor?

Yesterday I got an email from TheBump warning me that I may be in for some sleepness nights. They were right! It's obvious that the fourth month is a huge developmental leap from last month (She has hands! She sees across the room! She moves her head around independently!) and all those new, exciting skills can stir her awake. Not to mention, she's more aware of her surroundings so she would obviously love to play with her wonderful Mama and Dada all the time rather than sleep. I can't blame her for wanting to spend more time learning and playing, but I do hope she decides sleep is more important very soon!

I've decided to make 6AM my cutoff mark. If she sleeps past that point, it's fine. But if she's been in and out of sleep since 4, that's our wake up time. Of course 7 would be preferable (or 10 for that matter), but she's an early baby so it works.

My little Ladybug was ready to play this morning! Maybe next time the lucky ladybug PJs will mean more ZZZs for the rest of us :)

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