Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Laundry Tips

My Aunt Jeannette is arguably the laundry pro in the family. She can get a stain out of anything and she fits her daily laundry loads into her schedule with ease. I've learned a thing or twenty from her, but I hadn't seen her wash very many baby clothes so I had to figure out a bunch of that process from scratch. These are a few of the things I've learned (most the hard way.) I'm hoping that both she and Martha Stewart would be proud:
  • Save trouble later: Fasten all velcro when it comes off the baby
  • Got a tricky or stinky stain? Wash first, then hang in the sun for about 3 hours
  • Secure socks and other mini items into a delicate lingerie bag
  • Use half to a quarter of the recommended amount of laundry detergent
    • Check your load when the basin fills; there should only be a few bubbles breaking the surface, no super suds.
  • Don't use fabric softener on baby clothes
    • If you're doing cloth diapers don't use fabric softener with any loads. The residue stays in the dryer and coats your items, making them water repellant instead of absorbent.
  • Dry on low to avoid shrinking

Mamas who cloth diaper take their washing routines seriously to protect their fluffy stash! Everyone swears by a different process, and I'm sure mine will change when we introduce solid foods. For now I run a cold cycle, then a hot cycle with detergent (Tide Free) and an extra hot rinse. I do a combo of hanging dry and using the dryer. Basically, if it's absorbent it goes in the dryer and if it's waterproof it gets hung. All-in-ones hang and then get fluffed in the dryer for 30 minutes. We've been fabric-softener free for 3 months and I don't miss it at all!

Sometimes, when I'm really ambitious I do this routine:
Workout and Washout

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  1. Great tips! I use vinegar in my final rinse... it does the job in removing any soap residue.