Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wrapped Around Her Finger

Hannah has a serious grip these days. I've got to keep my hair back because she can yank with real strength compared to the baby tugs of yesterday. She pulls blankets to her mouth and grasps at toys. Now, when I have her on the bed as I fold laundry she fumbles with the piles, too! She just pulled her pacifier out of her mouth and held it there for a minute with such conviction that it seemed like she was just about to put it back in on her own.

Sometimes I forget that she's a new baby because her actions mimic mine so well already. Other times, I realize how lucky I am to share this special time with her simply because she is a baby and everything is a new experience. It's so sweet to see the world through her eyes and encourage her to try new things. Watching her learning and exploring makes the simplest tasks exciting.

I love to pause at each mirror to show her that cute baby on the other side, take an extra minute to tickle her toes during a diaper change, and read the same baby book twice. Moms everywhere remind me how they miss their babies at this age. It is a time to treasure. So I'm slowing down to appreciate these sweet moments. Besides, it's helpful to balance out the rush to her room from chirps in the night.

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