Friday, December 23, 2011

Motherhood the Musical

Motherhood the Musical is playing at the Society Hill Playhouse in Philadelphia through the rest of this month, then traveling to several other cities. It was a fantastic show with talented actresses! The candid perspectives of three experienced Mamas against the ambitiously naive mom-to-be produced a hilarious recap of Motherhood. Even with only 6 months under my belt, I understand a lot more about what these Moms are singing than ever before in my life. I especially relate to Amy, the Mother-to-be, with her high aspirations for Motherhood.

Although the worn out Mamas inspired side-splitting laughs, I'm worried that they are dampening her high hopes of being the best Mother. They laugh away her suggestion of cloth diapers, encourage her to choose a bottle over breastfeeding, and devote an entire song to taking "Good Drugs" during labor. I'm thankful that no one shot down these motives for me prior to Hannah's birth because I have had great experiences in the minority. Very few new Moms feel confident with their care choices in the midst of midnight wakings or hysterical newborn crying, so if you make the choice to follow what you consider the best option for baby- that's a great thing and no one should say otherwise!

Moms everywhere will enjoy this show, but moms-to-be should not be discouraged! You will be a great Mother to your baby no matter how you choose to feed, diaper, or deliver your child. Educate yourself and make your own decision about what will be best for your family.

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