Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maternity Shopping Tip Recap

A few months ago I wrote a post on my maternity shopping suggestions as I was stashing away the last of my maternity clothes. I'm in week 14 of this pregnancy and I'm expanding quickly! To be honest, I got out all my maternity clothes a few weeks ago. It's common knowledge that second pregnancies show much quicker because your abs have lost the original elasticity that held them in the first time around. Sad to say, even 5 weeks of Lindsay Brin's postnatal bootcamp were not enough to tighten and tone my abs and prevent this. However, I am happy that I tracked my belly growth with a Mommy Measure the first time around! This little tool is an adorable keepsake for your baby book and a reassuring device. No, I'm not actually as big as I was in the third trimester yet even though I feel that way.

I recommend that you read the full post on Maternity Shopping for the best details, but the keys to success are planning and organization! Since it's hard to guess exactly what size you will be at a certain time, stick with basics or items with elasticity. Most maternity stores design clothes to fit through several trimesters, so don't be tricked into buying a size up. If it doesn't fit now- there's a chance it won't fit later either depending on how you grow.

You'll want to organize your closet with only items that you can actually wear and frequently pull out those that you outgrow. If you don't have space to stash those clothes, at least separate all the items to one side so that you can easily find something to wear. Don't forget that you'll need maternity clothes post-partem as well.

Happy shopping :) Did you take advantage of any post-Holiday sales?

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