Friday, January 6, 2012

30 Weeks Old

It's been a happy and noisy house ever since the holidays. Hannah babbles all the time and blows noisy bubbles, too. She's been gurgling for quite a while, but has recently become a total chatterbox. Most frequently, she "oohs" "ahhs" and squeals. There are a few prominent consonants in there every once in a while, and she has said, "Hello" to greet me twice this week. I'm so excited that she's taking the first steps toward singing and talking!

Now that Hannah is nearly 7 months old, she is learning to recognize familiar faces and she is developing her opinions. Object permanence is really coming into play. If she drops a toy, she'll look for it and quickly let me know she'd like it back. She also likes to have a toy available while I prepare breakfast and she'll ask about it if it's not there.

Hannah adores our puppy and loves to watch him. She'll sit on the floor with me while we teach him to fetch or look for him from her high chair. I can tell he likes her, too since he always rests outside her door when he has the chance. It's sweet to see a happy relationship forming between the two kids.

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