Tuesday, January 24, 2012

32 Weeks Old!

Last week we battled the sniffles and several sleepless nights. Just before that, we were making some real progress on the sleeping-through-the-night front, so it was a shame to have the setback. I don't like to talk about Hannah's good sleeps because I'm positive it's a jinx, so I'll just say her nose is starting to clear up and things are looking up in general. In my "walking zombie" state I managed to completely forget that we had a dehumidifier set up for her. Consider this a PSA for new Moms to turn them on!

We also got Hannah an Exersaucer-type activity gym. She really likes it, but I'm finding that it overstimulates her. Even though it seems like a great toy, it's sometimes easier to set her in the high chair with one toy if I need two hands because it keeps her happier after playtime. Her favorite thing about standing in the toy is that she can see her puppy!

Last week I started reading a book about raising kids the Montessori way. I was inspired to look into this by my friend at Mama May I. Jessica's blog and shop showcase some of the fantastic ways she is fostering a love for learning in her little girls. I'm hopeful that we will be able to incorporate some of what I've learned into Hannah's day-to-day routine. It's a good thing I looked into this early because there are so many recommended tools and toys for kids! I can start collecting jars and safe household treasures now so that Hannah (and ultimately Baby #2) will have plenty to explore and discover.

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